Direct Air has been a trusted provider of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation products for more than two decades. With our founders boasting nearly 80 years of combined experience in the industry, we are proud to be a 100% Canadian company. It is our commitment to select and manufacture top-quality products specifically designed to withstand the challenging climate conditions here.

Our History


The family behind Direct Air air conditioning and ventilation products founded one of the largest and most recognized distributors and manufacturers of heating and ventilation products in Canada.

1945 to early 2000

The people of Direct Air establish themselves in the market with the manufacturing and distribution of quality products recognized internationally. Their product range includes oil burners, furnaces, commercial ventilation units and even wood stoves and fireplaces.

Early 2000s

To meet a need for entrepreneurs to obtain fresh air supply fans, the Direct Air brand enters the market with ventilation products. Direct Air offers three models of air exchangers. These are 100% Canadian made. They are made in Bouctouche, New Brunswick.


In addition to expanding its range of air exchangers and heat recovery fans to the trends of recent years, Direct Air now offers its very first model of wall-mounted air conditioner. Direct Air was the pioneer in the importation of *OEM* air conditioning products into Canada.


Direct Air is dedicated to continuously expanding its product line to better cater to the requirements of contractors and consumers alike. By introducing new offerings such as kitchen hoods, bathroom fans, and filters for ducted heating and air conditioning systems, Direct Air is reaffirming its position in the market for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation products.

2012 – 2013

Direct Air is sailing smoothly ahead. By partnering with several renowned manufacturers from Asia and North America, Direct Air now offers a comprehensive range of products. From the smallest unit suitable for a few-room apartment to the ultra-efficient bibloc system and even central systems for larger homes, consumers can fulfill all their needs with just one brand: Direct Air!

2013 to Present

Over the past few years, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing the quality, design, and variety of our product offerings. Our goal has been to innovate and exceed the standards set by our competitors. We have persistently manufactured and imported products tailored to the needs of our customers. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we consistently provide you with the highest level of comfort.

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